Senior Product Design Director

Laura Javier

I designed products for Facebook and Instagram from 2011-2023. Currently enjoying sabbatical and relocating from the US to London.  


Immersive feed

Instagram tested this redesign of feed that aimed to better showcase short fullscreen videos while still respecting photography.

  May 2022  



Instagram Shopping helps you discover, browse, and buy the products behind the posts that inspire you.

  Nov 2020  


Suggested Posts

Instagram suggests posts at the end of your feed once you’ve seen everything new from people you follow.

  Aug 2020  


Design Systems

This team focuses on formalizing, evolving and improving the design "Lego blocks" of Instagram.



Camera, Direct & Stories

A new camera in the Facebook app gives people more ways of expressing themselves and sharing what they’re up to in Stories and Direct.




Moments helps you get all the photos your friends snapped when you were together but forgot to send to you by using facial recognition to remind them to send their photos to the people in them.


Side projects


I got hooked on this craft in 2017 after attending an afternoon workshop at The Crucible in Oakland. All work is hand stitched, and most leathers are vegetable tanned.

  All projects  

Washington University in St. Louis

Art History is Actually Hilarious

A satirical guide to 25,000 years of art history for everyone who fell asleep during those slide lectures and missed the comedy. Completely unabridged, semi-critically acclaimed, and perhaps a little facetious.


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