Laura Javier

I'm a product designer at Facebook.


For over five years, I've had the privilege of working with a bunch of talented people on projects spanning camera, photos, video, privacy, profile, composer, pages, platform, news feed and more.

At Facebook, product designers work on small teams and are responsible for end-to-end experiences: what we should build and why; how it should work; how it should look and feel.

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Camera, Stories, Direct

My team made a new camera in the Facebook app to give people more ways of expressing themselves and sharing what they’re up to in Facebook Stories and Direct. This was our press announcement.

In June 2015, my team launched Moments, a private photo sharing app under the Facebook Creative Labs initiative. We want to help you get the photos you didn't take — all the photos your friends snapped but forgot to send to you after vacations, parties, and weekend trips.

Moments makes exchanging photos easier by using facial recognition to suggest the right friends to send your photos to. The end result is organized space where you can collect photos together — with just the friends you were with at the time.

We actually kicked this off as a hackathon project. Read about the design process in this Medium article, and head to Techcrunch for a sample of press coverage.

Student work

Before I starting designing stuff for screens, I designed stuff for paper. I studied at Washington University in St. Louis, and graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Communication Design.

The first two years of the design program were general art: traditional drawing, 2D and 3D courses. The third year was a mixture of illustration and design, and the fourth year focused solely on design.

At the time, the program focused pretty exclusively on traditional print design: infographics, posters, and print design. My favorite pieces are two books I created for my senior thesis projects.

Art History is Actually Hilarious

Written and designed by yours truly: a satirical guide to 25,000 years of art history for everyone who fell asleep during those slide lectures and missed the comedy. Completely unabridged, semi-critically acclaimed, and perhaps a little facetious.

Laser printed on Mohawk 80lb glossy cover, Japanese side-sewn with a soft cover. My advisor for this project was Ken Botnick.

Elements of Happiness

The Harvard Study of Adult Development is the longest prospective study of mental and physical well-being ever conducted. For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been following 824 individuals through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. How can a life be visualized? Can a happy life be captured in numbers and diagrams?

In this book (which adapts the text of George Vaillant's Aging Well), I've taken ten representative case studies and visualized their salient character traits, personal timeline, social supports, and physical health to draw conclusions about "the happy life." My advisor for this project was Heather Corcoran.